Where To Buy Bathmate?

Buy BathmateWhat site sells the REAL device? If you’ve decided to purchase this penis pump then you may be wondering where can I buy Bathmate? This is probably the most popular manufacturer of penis pumps in the world today and demand is increasing as more and more men are discovering the benefits of using a pump for male enhancement. They are not only good to use for aesthetic reasons (increasing your penis length and caliber), they also often are used to treat all forms of penis deformation. There are hundreds of sites selling the range but as I’m sure you’re aware, not all are legit. So let’s take a look where to buy bathmate, shall we?

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There are a number of authorized sellers online where you can purchase the BM, but you do have to be careful as this isn’t exactly a cheap purchase. You don’t want to get scammed and be out of pocket by hundreds of dollars. Even worse you could potentially end up with a fake which might look like the real thing, but could cause you lasting damage to both your pocket and your manhood. Some sites are even claiming to sell bathmates but they simply take your money and don’t deliver. It is always better to use sites with good reputation in order to prevent scams.

Here’s where to order Bathmate online:

After researching many of the sites selling this product online we recommend to get the bath mate from either of the following two:

Official Hydromax Pump


Bathmate Direct

The above links are both OFFICIAL websites that are owned and operated by UM Products, the manufacturers of Hydromax and BM products.

where to buy bathmate

You can’t really get better than shopping directly from the source!  Both these sites ship worldwide, so whether you’re looking for a device in the UK, US, or elsewhere, your order will be shipped directly to you without delay. Moreover they both ship with a very discreet packaging which is a big plus for everyone that doesn’t want their private lives exposed! That is another reason why we recommend those two to buy it from.

If you want to check out the full range of pumps, Bathmate Direct is probably the better option as you can order all the latest penis pumps (in all different sizes) here as well as pump accessories. There are also value packs available that could potentially save you money over repurchasing a pump and accessories individually. They also get shipped together so it is less shipping costs and less haste for you.

These are by no means the only legitimate sites selling this range online, but if you want to be sure about where to buy bathmate from safely – that you’re getting the real thing along with excellent customer service direct from the manufacturers, then you can’t go wrong purchasing from either of these sites. We tried their customer service and it is really outstanding. They respond within a day or two max and are both very professional (therefor discrete) and knowledgeable. We even took it a bit further and asked what they would recommend to fit our size and targets the best. We expected to get some harsh feedback or just some link to their FAQ-Section, but instead we got a really nice hand written response from one of their support staff who told us in detail what to focus on, what kind of products would suit our needs the best and would bring the fastest results. And let me just add this: He was right, lol!

Where NOT to get a BM from? Amazon or eBay. Or any site selling this product at an unusually cheap price.

We all love Amazon and eBay – they are reputable marketplaces and there are often amazing bargains to be had there. Depending on the product section, you can easily safe 10-50% on the price you would have paid in an old fashioned store. However, they’re not really a great place to get a bathmate (or any penis pumps for that matter) from. Not all sellers are legit and there are a lot of people selling cheap knock offs of more expensive items. Some even CLAIM to be selling the real product when it is clearly just an imitation. Some users complain about receiving cheap knock offs made in china or India. Just be careful if you find someone selling the device at a reduced or discounted price. All authorized sellers of this range sell it for a similar price. There is unlikely to be a refund policy so you could end up losing $$$’s. Do your homework and don’t get ripped off – or just buy direct from the manufacturers at one of the above links.

We hope you found some useful info here on where to buy! If you have questions, just use the contact form or the comment box below!

buy bathmate

Are you still here reading and wondering where to order from?

Some Questions that you might find yourself asking (Asked and answered on their FAQ page):

Q: How long will it take for the pump to arrive?

A: The warehouses that take care of the shipping are located around the globe and will process and ship orders the same day. So it should arrive within a few days!

Q:If I live outside of the US, can I still order a pump?

A: Absolutely! There are hundreds of customers all over the globe and they ship to any location. Charges on delivery will be calculated on the distance to the nearest distribution center. Often it is FREE!

Q: Can a bought Pump be returned?

A: As they are confident that their products really work, they even offer a full 60 days guarantee. If you try it and don’t like it for any reason, just send it back and they will give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hassle!

Note: This is only a valid offer if you purchase the pump from their official website!

Any more Questions on where to buy bathmate from? Just send us a message!


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