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VigRX Plus is a male sexual enhancement pill manufactured and sold by Leading Edge Health. The pills are in the form of tablets popped and swallowed with water.

The product has been around since 2001. Yes, that’s 17 good years, during which a few improvements have been done.

The formula is a slow-reaction dose that seeks to improve libido over time.

It promises to give quicker and firmer erections, assist the user to last longer between the sheets, allow one to enjoy a more fulfilling orgasm and also experience an increased penile size.

A good case can be made for the first three promises but, to be brutally honest, the penis enlargement factor is a bit of hot air.

Well, a firmer erection can make the case for a bigger penis, but the increase in size is only temporary and will disappear once the use of the product is terminated.

VigRX plus pills can be bought over the counter from the manufacturer or from a third party retailer near you.

The popularity of the pills has increased demand greatly and as a result almost every vendor keeps refilling their shelves with these pills.

VigRX is the most asked for non instant result sexual enhancement pill. It should be taken daily over time for effective results. The herbal formula of its major ingredients makes it safe for use as it has very minor side effects.

Over half of the product’s users do not experience any side effects.

A few clinical tests have proved the pills’ effectiveness, but the overwhelming consumer approval would be the biggest positive vote.

Tests are done on a triple-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled basis. This means that testers have very minute knowledge of the users and the pill itself to ensure minimum bias.

Probably due to popularity, Leading edge do not offer a free trial for VigRX plus, but there is a 67-day money back guarantee if one is not satisfied with the results.

Suffice to say there have been very little demands for a refund.

On to the full details…

What is VigRX plus

This is a herbal based formula pill ( just like the Extenze Pill or Male Extra for example) for gradual sexual enhancement for men. The product is sold in the form of capsules packed in a white box with red labeling.

It seeks to improve men’s performance in bed by a touted 61%. Larger, firmer orgasms, longer intercourse duration and an intense orgasms are the product’s main enhancement areas.

VigRX Ingredients

VigRX plus is mainly a herb-based formula. It brings together traditionally acclaimed products that have undergone scientific testing and proved to increase vigor and virility for men during the romp.

A few other products are added in minute quantities to increase energy and also to counter the main ingredients’ side effects.

The major ingredients that go into a VigRX pill are:

  • Asian Red Ginseng from Korea (100 mg)
  • Extract from Catuaba bark (50 mg)
  • Hawthorn berry (100 mg)
  • Ginkgo Biloba (100 mg)
  • Saw Palmetto (100 mg)
  • Muira Pauma tree extract (50 mg)
  • Cuscuta seed (15 mg)
  • Damiana extract (10 mg)
  • Epimedium extract (15 mg)
  • Bioperie

How is it taken

VigRX is just a pop-and-swallow pill. You can swallow it with whatever works for you. Manufacturers list early morning as the ideal time to take your daily dosage but, whatever time your day starts, that is the right time to pop your pill.

It is advisable to swallow the pills alongside a proper meal so as to minimize any side effects.

How long does it take for the effect and how long does it last?

As earlier stated, the effects of VigRX plus are very gradual. This is not the magic pill to pop when a date is coming over.

The first effects should be felt within a week. After around five days of swallowing the pills, a user will notice an increased erection turnaround time, a firmer erection and an increased intercourse duration.

Continued use will lead to increased effectiveness until one hits the peak.

VigRX Plus has a curative nature and so effects should remain for months after use is discontinued.

This will however depend on a user’s health and the duration for which the product was used.

Does it have any side effects

On a general scale, VigRX Plus does not have adverse side effects and is safe for anyone. People with serious heart conditions-pretty rare- may however experience signs of nausea and restlessness.

The herbal based formula makes this pill pretty safe for anyone; care to think of it as more of a dietary supplement rather than medication.

Where can I buy it and at what price

You can buy VigRX enhancement pills from the manufacturers website or from a supplements outlet near you.

The advantage of buying from the manufacturer is that you get a better deal and you also enjoy the money back guarantee option.

Although it is difficult to land a knockoff, buying from the original producer always gives you that confidence of knowing you are getting an authentic product.

Anything sex related is sensitive enough; just the confidence that you are buying original could help boost your libido.

Prices depend on the size of the package you order.

On the official website, a single 30-day pack goes for $76. A two month pack sells for $143, a three month pack $205, four months for $267, five months for $329, half a year supply for $384 and a years’s supply goes for $489.

There is a huge and worthwhile discount when purchase is done in bulk.

Free trial and money back guarantee

There is no free trial offered. Leading Edge have been around for a while and the positive returns do not require them to do test runs. There is however a 67-day money back guarantee if you buy from the official site. An empty pack will be required as proof when claiming a refund. This will, however, not cater for shipping fees. Fret not, it is highly unlikely you will be seeking a refund.

Bonus point: Authenticity verification

It is a good thing that Leading Edge health have embraced the fact that they might not always be able to crack down on imitators. They have accepted and admitted that buyers maybe duped into buying counterfeit VigRX products. To protect consumers from this, every single package comes with a code that you can enter on their site and get an instant response on whether the pills are authentic or not. Talk about that for a bonus!


VigRX plus is the perfect pill for men seeking to gradually improve their male libido. It delivers highly on all its promises other than the penis enlargement claim, which would only pass for a marketing tag. The herbal formula makes it safe for pretty much every interested user, and the diverse purchase packages accommodate users of every budget bracket. It is just perfect to be combined with some nice jelqing exercises!

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