Penis Pumps – Full Review – All you need to know

Does penis pumps work and how? Read in this full in-depth review:

Sad Man Erectile DysfunctionWhat is the most embarrassing situation in the life of a man? The answer is – the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. A small penis is the most troublesome situation for a man. Every man looks forward to wanting a harder, bigger and a better performing penis. However, due to one reason or the other, he has to, unfortunately, suffer from the problem of Erectile Dysfunction which makes him question his own existence and self-confidence. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a man to get or keep the erection firm enough in order to have a sexual intercourse. In short, the problem of ED is nothing but impotence. This problem may also occur if a man suffers from a problem of having a small penis.

A number of treatments for ED such as penis enlargement exercises, medication, pills, and supplements are available to a man today. These man enhancement programs, however, require a long-time commitment which is often not possible for a man to continue with. Also, the pills and the medication or supplements that promise to treat this problem may cost you various side effects in the coming future. Thus, it is always good to play safe. A penis pump is an ultimate solution that could treat your problem of erectile dysfunction without entertaining any kinds of side effects.

Let us know what exactly is a penis pump and how does it work.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is considered as one of a few treatments for the inability in men to get or sustain an erection that is sufficient for sex. This pump is nothing but a device of vacuum constriction that can be used by a man to get him and maintain a long lasting erection. The parts of a penis pump comprise of an acrylic cylinder with a pump which could be attached to the end of a penis directly as well as a band or a constriction ring at the other end of a cylinder. The vacuum so produced helps to draw the blood into the shaft of the penis that causes the penis to enlarge and thus to be erect. When the penis is erect, the band or constriction ring is placed on the very end of the penis where it is fastened to the body in order  to sustain the erection. A penis pump is also called as a vacuum pump or a vacuum constriction device.

How effective is a penis pump?

penis pumpsAccording to the studies, about 70-80 percent of men who earlier suffered from the problem of erectile dysfunction are content with the results obtained out of using this treatment. The regular use of penis pump has given them strong erections at the time of sexual intercourse with their partners. Not only this, these men are capable of sustaining these erections for a longer time period. Thus, this treatment has gifted them with a better satisfaction as to sex, thereby keeping their better-halves happy. A penis pump does not entertain any kind of side effects and therefore
a majority of men are looking forward to taking this treatment with great excitement.

How does a penis pump solve the problem of Erectile Dysfunction?

With the regular use of a penis pump, the blood that flows to the penis is likely to be improved remarkably as a result of which you will be able to attain long lasting erections in no time. There are various kinds of penis pumps available in the market. However, any basic penis pump works in the following manner:

The negative pressure or the vacuum force present inside the cylinder of the pump expands the corpus cavernosal, corpus spongiose as well as the tunica which allows the blood flow to increase. It also helps in pulling the lymphatic liquids. Besides, the vacuum of the pump helps to generate the pressure on the penile ligaments that allows a person to achieve a permanent increase in his size. A number of different varieties of penis pumps are available today in the markets which treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in men at the earliest. Today, these penis pumps are considered as one useful aid device for erection. Various experts and urologists recommend the use of a penis pump as an important part of a treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The new pumps introduced in the markets today have become very effective, comfortable and safe as to their use. The beginners can easily go well with these
penis pumps as they are very easy to use.

How safe is a penis pump?

A number of experts consider a penis pump as safe as well as non-invasive. They recommend you to use these pumps very wisely while you purchase them. A number of different kinds of penis pumps are available in the markets in both good as well as bad quality. Some of them are entertained with good structures while others have the materials that do not even lie near to passing the government standards. The penis pumps that are high in terms
of their standard and quality are very safe to use. On the other hand, the penis pumps with cheap quality and local brands have the possibilities of breaking down during pumping after a few uses. These cheap pumps also have the possibilities to damage your manhood.

Advantages of a penis pump:

The use of a penis pump comes along with a number of advantages. Following are the reasons which will easily convince you to make the most use of the penis pumps:

  • A penis pump is one fine and an effective treatment. If you practice it well and use it correctly, it will help you to give a long lasting erection, sufficient for sex.
  • The risk involved with the use of a penis pump is very less as compared to other treatments that promise you to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. The complications in this treatment are lower than other treatments provided for the treatment of this disease.
  • The overall cost of a penis pump is very low. Once you have purchased this pump, it will cost you lesser than any other treatment of erectile dysfunction. Thus, you invest a little amount and get good results in the shortest time period.
  • Penis pumps are non-invasive in nature. Thus, their treatment does not require any kind of surgery. You are not required to insert medication into the tip of your penis or make the use of penile injections.
  • A penis pump can also be used with other treatments like medication or penile implant. A combination of treatments of erectile dysfunction works best for some men.
  • If you make the use of a penis pump on a regular basis, you can regain your erectile function after various procedures. The use of this pump helps to restore your ability to attain a natural erection after any kind of prostate treatment like surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer, etc.
  • Men who suffer from underlying health problems such as diabetes or similar health issues can easily regain and maintain their normal sexual function by the regular use of a penis pump.

Risks, side effects, and disadvantages of a penis pump:

Although the use of a penis pump is safe for the most men, there are a number of risks involved. The risks and the disadvantages involved with the use of a penis pump are following:

  • A penis pump is not safe for you to use if you suffer from a sickle cell anemia or any other blood disorder. The conditions like these make you susceptible to blood loss as well as bleeding.
  • When the constriction band is in place for a long time, it can lead to a coldness, numbness or a bluish-colored skin of your penis.
  • If you don’t know how to use a penis pump correctly, you can suffer from various problems such as painting or bruising.
  • The prolonged use of a penis pump also causes pinpoint-sized red dots called petechiae which are mainly caused as a result of bleeding under the surface of the skin of your penis.
  • Penis pumps can also put you in a very awkward situation firstly because a lot of patience and understanding is required mutually between you and your partner.
  • The use of a penis pump can lead you towards an erection which doesn’t feel spontaneous or natural. You might go through a lack of firmness at the very base of your penis. It could let your penis pivot or rotate more that it would with a normal/natural erection.
  • You might need to shave your pubic hair present on the very base of your penis so that the penis pump you use could get a good seal.
  • A good manual coordination is required in order to use your penis pump well which is not generally taken care by a number of people.

How to choose a penis pump?

There are some penis pumps that are available to you without any prescription. However, before purchasing one, you must talk to your doctor and consult everything with him. You doctor might prescribe or recommend you any specific model. Thus, this way you can be very sure as to which penis pump suits your needs best. The penis pumps today are available to the customers online, in sex ads as well as magazines that might not be very safe or effective as to their use. Thus, you must make sure whichever model of a penis pump you choose has a vacuum limiter
that helps to keep the pressure from getting too high, thereby saving you from injury.

Penis pumps for the enlargement of penis:

A number of advertisements in the magazines as well as on the Internet claim that these penis pumps can be used successfully to increase the size of your penis. However, there is no evidence that they really work for this purpose. In various circumstances, using a penis pump may help your penis to maintain its natural shape and size post your prostate surgery if you have been suffering from Peyronie’s disease. But using a penis pump exclusively to make your penis large may cause injury.

How to use a penis pump?

A penis pump can be used following the given directions:

You need to apply a water-soluble jelly firstly to the very base of your penis in order to create a water- tight seal. After that, put your penis in the tube followed by pumping the air out steadily. This action makes you penis fill with the blood. (It generally takes 10 to 20 minutes in order to achieve a full erection). Now, put the band around the base of your penis in order to sustain your erection. This band comes in different tensions and sizes. Thus, trial and error can be carried out in order to find out the aptest brand size for you. Once the ring of this pump is in place, you can easily remove this pump and go on with the sexual activities with your partner.

A majority of man after using the penis pump can keep up with the erection for a duration of 30 minutes. The band, however, can cut off the flow of blood and cause your injury if you wear it for long. The band should be removed after intercourse.

Who all can use the penis pumps?

The penis pumps to treat the problem of Erectile Dysfunction should be used by all the men who are suffering from this problem. This solution is a really good option for all those men who don’t choose medication as a treatment. The men who go through the following conditions should use the penis pumps with all the caution.

  • History of bleeding disorder or the use of several medications for the thinning of blood such as clopidogrel (Plavix) and warfarin (Coumadin).
  • History of prolonged erection.
  • Injury on the spinal cord.
  • Diminished penile sensations.
  • The curvature of the penis.

A doctor’s advice shall always be taken before making the use of a penis pump.

Where can u get a penis pump?

There are some penis pumps that could be availed by you without any prescription. However, your recommendation with your doctor can really help you to get the penis pump of your specific conditions. You must, therefore, be sure to talk to your doctor about all kinds of illnesses and injuries that you have had along with the medication if any.

Some penis pumps are sold online or by magazines that may be not as safe and effective for you. Thus, prescription and advice of a doctor could really help you to get the best penis pump for you. You can avail it from your doctor’s clinic or any nearby chemist store. If the penis pump recommended by your doctor is sold online, you can buy it from their official websites as well.

Types of penis pumps:

There are mainly two kinds of penis pumps namely, air pumps and water based pumps. Both these pumps are very effective as to their functions. Both of them are considered as a safe alternative to a penis surgery.

  • Air pumps:Air penis pumps

The air pump uses an absolute power of vacuum technology that helps in the growth of your penis. A number of air pumps provide you a solution to improving your problem of ED. It can also help you in the correction of the curvature of your penis. The air penis pumps come along with the potential of boosting your performance in the bed by creating a stronger erection for you that could last longer. The air pumps have been tested and tried for many years now and they are usually cheaper than another type of penis pumps. Although, they are not as efficient as a water-based pump, but choosing the air pumps is not a bad option at all.


  • water penis pumpWater-based pumps:

Water-based pumps are comfortable, effective and safe as to their use. They are a little expensive in comparison to an air pump but they guarantee not to let you down. Since these penis pumps are water-based, the chances of causing you an injury are very less in comparison to air pumps. One of the biggest benefits of using the water-based penis pumps is that these pumps split up the growth potential in between the different areas of your penis such as your foreskin and girth very evenly. The water-based pumps come without any complications. The water-based pumps are the best option to use when it comes to targeting your goals of penis enlargement. They are undoubtedly a better product than the air pumps. The researchers on these pumps show that you get the most out of them.

The best penis pumps:

Here are the best brands of the penis pumps that you must choose the best product from:

  • Hydromax X-series:

This penis pump is considered as the best brand of all the penis pumps. The series comprises of two hydro pumps namely, Hydromax X30 and Hydromax X40 of a superior quality. Both these pumps use water in place of air to create and maintain a fine vacuum that could enlarge your penis. As a result of its superior quality and performance, this pump has earned the highest customer rating and satisfaction if compared to other penis pumps. The technology of this pump is patented, the design is excellent as well as the structure comprises of all high-grade materials. Thus, it is very safe and comfortable as to its use. It is likely to give you impressive results in both the girth and length of your penis. Also, this product comes with a warranty of two years and is shipped worldwide.

  • Bathmate:

Another brand of penis pumps that has been ranked as a second is Bathmate. This one is the first and the original hydro pump of the world. It has earned a great reputation for producing the best quality of penis pumps and is highly recommended for the first-time users of the penis pumps. This product is very conventional as well as highly effective. According to the reviews, this penis pump helps to deliver a remarkable increase in the erection
as well as penis size of a man within 15 minutes of its pumping. It also improves your performance in bed as you start to get a better penetration. The series of Bathmate entertains two kinds of hydro pumps namely, Hercules and Goliath. Thus, you can easily get options to choose from depending on the size of your penis. The customer service of this brand is excellent and it also offers you a money-back guarantee as well as discreet delivery policies.

  • Penomet:

Penomet is considered as the third best brand of a penis pump in the markets today. The biggest difference in comparison with two other brands is that it makes the use of air in order to create a vacuum instead of water. This brand has been proven scientifically as an effective brand in increasing the size of your penis and thereby providing you a strong and long-lasting erection. The structure of the penis pumps of this brand is designed in such a manner so that it could easily be used without the feeling of any kind of pain or discomfort. This brand has been certified medically by the experts and therefore it is the safest option to use without the fear of any kinds of side-effects. The products of this brand come with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. Thus, in case if you are not happy with the performance of the product, you can easily get your money refunded within a period of 60 days.


A penis pump is a device that is widely used in order to achieve and maintain the erection of your penis by the way of drawing blood into your penis through air suction. The penis pumps although are not a cure for the problem of erectile dysfunction, but they can surely help you to increase your abilities to have the best sexual intercourse with your partners. This device is also known as a vacuum pump. The treatment by the way of penis pumps is a non-invasive treatment that can be either used alone or with other treatments of erectile dysfunctions or even oral medications.

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