The 16 Most Common Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is… OK, who are we kidding – if you’re here it’s probably because you can’t get a stiffy.

But let’s just say you’re here only to “look around,” so let’s see what the fuss is all about.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intercourse.

Another popular word for it is “impotence” but we’re not going to use it because it sounds as if you’re suffering from some terminal disease or something, and you’re not! There are some ways out of this and some are even covered by medicare as I described over here.

Still, the psychological effects are huge, so let’s look into the causes for erectile dysfunction and see why this happens.Sad Man Erectile Dysfunction

Physical Causes

1. Diabetes

According to research, erectile dysfunction tends to develop up to 15 years earlier in diabetics than among nondiabetics.

It seems that the increased risk of developing a limp dick when living with diabetes is caused by atherosclerosis, a hardening and narrowing of the arteries that develops earlier and is more severe in diabetics.

Diabetes also damages the nerves of the penis and the muscles in it.

We can safely conclude that diabetes is a mean prick that messes with your erections big time.

2. Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, causes problems with erection related to either atherosclerosis or low levels of nitric oxide.

If you’re suffering from this medical condition, it’s time to look for the best treatment for managing your hypertension.

But if you’re only suspecting this may be the cause, it’s time to schedule a consultation and find out for sure.

3. Damage to the Spinal Cord

Nerve or spinal cord damage is another cause for erectile dysfunction.

And this can be due to vehicle accidents, surgical procedures, trauma, injury to the pelvic nerves, and certain diseases. Among those diseases are multiple sclerosis and – here it is again – scumbag diabetes that attacks the nerves within the body.

4. Cardiovascular Diseases

While erectile dysfunction does not necessarily indicate an underlying heart disease, men with no other obvious cause should get screened to rule this out.

In the past, it was believed that plaque buildup in the arteries was responsible for erectile dysfunction, as it may reduce blood flow to the penis.

However, researchers now believe that endothelial dysfunction, which causes impaired blood flow in the penis and the developments of atherosclerosis, is a more plausible answer.

Either way, get screened!

5. Smoking

How funny would it be if you’re reading this while smoking a cigarette?

You may want to put it away. For good. It seems that not only tobacco gives you bad breath but it also gives you a bad dick. Smoking aggravates atherosclerosis – which you’ve already figured out is another major scumbag – and causes vasospasm, thereby increasing the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

If you were already struggling to find the motivation to give up smoking, being able to have sex again may be a pretty good reason to at least try.

6. Substance Abuse

Alcohol, weed, heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, methamphetamines, and narcotic abuse are all major causes for erectile dysfunction.

Not that we’re judging anyone’s life choices, but why spend all that dough on something that leaves you broke and with a dead penis when you can get a pretty good (and free, hopefully) rush from sex?

Alcoholism can also lead to atrophy of the testicles, so you’d also be left with tiny balls that serve no purpose because alcoholism also lowers testosterone levels.

However, there are quite some natural enhancers that you can take and these might already help you in solving the problem. At least it doesn’t harm to try it!

7. Low Testosterone Levels

Speaking of low testosterone levels, some men are just born with lower levels of the masculine hormone.

And if you’re one of them, just know that it’s not your fault… but you can always blame your parents and ask them to pay for your hypogonadism treatment.

Men suffering from hypogonadism can have low libido and problems maintaining the nitric oxide levels in the penis.

8. Medications

Many medicines have erectile dysfunction as a side effect, including those used to treat high blood pressure, antidepressants, appetite suppressants, antihistamines, and tranquilizers.

9. Aging

Man, this is a bummer. You can quit smoking, give up alcohol, manage your diabetes better and all that, but what can you really do about aging?

Older men are more likely to develop diseases already linked to erectile dysfunction and the aging process alone causes changes in the muscle and tissues of the penis.

Fortunately, there’s still something you can do about this.

First step is to find a vampire, second – get bitten, and third – enjoy your life as a creature of the night that gets plenty of action.

Psychological Causes

In younger men, the first prize winner when it comes to scumbagness is no other than the brain.

Psychological problems are common reasons for erectile dysfunction, with sexual difficulties most likely being linked to:

1. Depression;
2. Stress;
3. Anxiety;
4. Feelings of inadequacy;
5. Relationship problems;
6. Sexual fears;
7. Sexual abuse.

Final Thoughts

First, we just want to congratulate you on finishing the article because that’s the closest you got to finishing in a while.

Of course – we know – you’re the manliest of all men and are only here because this article just popped out on Google out of nowhere *wink, wink*.

Secondly, people with erectile dysfunction should leave all shame aside and seek medical help.

There are many ways this condition can be diagnosed and it’s important to get tested and examined to rule out serious causes for erectile dysfunction.
Luckily, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are plenty of treatment options that can help you regain the lost stiffy.One that is said to work pretty good is – you guessed right – use of a penis pump like the Bathmate or an extender like the Phallosan Forte. If you don’t want to spend money right away, you can also try to do jelqing exercises which also combine very well with the use of pumps by the way!

So don’t lose hope, there’s still plenty of years of sex ahead of you!

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