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According to a recent estimate, it has been calculated that approximately 50-60 percent of men are not completely satisfied with their penis sizes. There can be several reasons behind this dissatisfaction, but most males yearn for the enhancement of their male parts. A large number of people are often on the lookout for options that will help them to increase the size of their penises.


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Now, there are several ways in which penis sizes can be enhanced. However, one of the best ways to do so is by going under the knife. Or is it? There are plenty of procedures of male enhancement surgery that can help a person to obtain a sizeable penis that they desire. However, these surgeries are often very costly, and may also involve certain risks and danger that most men are not aware of. These dangers and risks of male enhancement surgeries have been discussed here along with the average costs of these procedures.

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Procedures involved in such male enhancement surgeries

Male enhancement surgeries generally involve a number of processes and activities. Some of these include:

  • A thorough research of the medical history of the patient
  • Numerous blood tests as well as other examinations of the physical conditions
  • Urinalysis or urine tests
  • Determination of the most suitable surgical procedures based on test results
  • Determination of the appropriate way to administer anesthesia to the patient
  • Determination of the proper diet to maintain before and after the surgery
  • Conduction of the actual surgical procedure
  • Determination of the medications and care methods post surgery

Average costs of such male enhancement operations

Penis prolonging operations often tend to be pretty costly affairs and involve a lot of money.

While the most such procedures usually cost anywhere between $3000 Dollars and $5000 Dollars, there are some surgeries that can cost as much as $8000 Dollars to $10,000 Dollars.

Moreover, patients might often need more than one surgery at the same time in order to obtain the desired results. This may cause the cumulative costs of the total affair to reach anywhere between $15,000 Dollars and $20,000 Dollars.

Another important aspect to consider here is that these expenditures do not end with the surgery. There are other expenditures involved as well that includes medication, post-surgery treatments and several other such activities.

Dangers and risks of male enhancement operations

Penis prolonging operations also accompany numerous risks and dangers that must be considered before going under the knife. Some of these risks have been discussed below.

Pain and other Health complications

One of the most common after-effects of many surgical procedures is immense pain and other such complications.

The same can also be said for male enhancement surgeries. These complications can arise due to the loss of blood, unusual effects of anesthesia, the pain of having a body part sliced and cut, and many more. Sometimes, the pain takes months to recede.

Risk of negative growth

Most male enhancement surgeries involve the injection of fat-based substances into the penis.

However, there is always a risk that this fat can be reabsorbed by the body in a larger quantity than was originally injected. This means a certain quantity of fat from the original content will be absorbed by the body causing the size of the penis to shrink from its original size.

Risk of scarring or deformities

With most male enhancement surgical procedures involving the need to slice the skin of the penis, there is always a risk of scarring.

Most surgeons hope that the scars will dissolve with time, but that is not always the case. These scars often look ugly and may also be the cause for the development of deformities in the appearance of the penis or even the scrotum.

Risk of becoming impotent

The most devastating complication of male enhancement surgeries is the fact that they can often make the patience impotent.

The penis includes a number of important items that include nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, veins, tissues and muscles. All these components work together to ensure the proper functioning of the male reproduction system.

The failure of even one component among these could cause the entire reproduction system of a person to fall apart completely. Hence, there is always a risk that a patient going under the blade for a male enhancement operation could lose their potential to reproduce.

In Conclusion

Hence, it is important to consider all the above mentioned factors very carefully before opting for a male enhancement surgery.

These procedures have certainly worked wonders on a number of men from all parts of the globe, and have caused the industry to thrive. However, it is important to consider the dangers as well as the expenses of these procedures before committing to anything. A way cheaper option is to use a penis pump or a penis expander instead. These are more cost efficient and involve way less risks! Some of them are even covered by medicare!


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