How to Measure your Penis Size

Let’s face it – all men want to know the size of their proudest possession.

They do it just for the fun of it, because they’re curious, or because they want to attach a figure to all that bragging.

However, learning how to properly measure your penis comes with a few other benefits such as knowing your correct condom size or as a reference point for your male enhancement workout.

Here’s everything you need to know about measuring your penis the right way.

Average Penis Sizes – A Few Facts Before We Begin

  • The global average penis length when erect is 5.4 inches, or 13.71 cm.
  • The global average penis girth when erect is 4.54 inches, or 11.55 cm.
  • The global average penis width when erect is somewhere between 1.4 inches (3.6 cm) and 1.6 inches (4.1 cm).
  • A penis will grow in size from the onset of puberty until full maturity is reached.
  • A penis will double in size from age 10 to 18.
  • Some men experience a size increase until the age of 20.
  • Research has yet to show any correlation between a man’s penis and the length of his finger, foot size, or height.

It’s important to measure your penis correctly because knowing how your body compares to the average allows you to choose the perfect condom size.

If your penis size is close to the averages above, then a standard size condom should fit you just fine.

If your measurements are smaller or larger, then choose condoms made for your size.

When shopping in other countries, make sure to read the label carefully and know how to convert your measurements to centimeters and millimeters.

What You Need to Get Started

You will need a ruler or a tailor measuring tape. While a ruler may be more helpful to measure the length, a tailor measuring tape is more comfortable when measuring the girth. It’s best to have both at hand.

You will also need… an erect penis. Ideally, you want it to be straight for a more accurate measuring. However, if you have a bendy penis, you can still measure it very well with a flexible measuring tape by going over the same steps explained below. Just make sure to bend the measuring tape following the curvature of the penis. It’s now time to learn how to properly measure your penis!

How to Measure the Length of Your Penis

  1. Place the ruler at the base of The erect penis.
  2. Press into your pubic bone because fat hides the length of the penis. This is important for those that have a bit of belly fat going on. You need to press until you feel the tape contacting the bone.
  3. Simply measure the length from the base of the shaft all the way to the tip of the penis. Follow its curvature if it tends to bend.

How to Measure the Girth of Your Penis

  1. Take a piece of string or – better yet – a tailor measuring tape.
  2. Wrap the flexible measuring tape around the thickest part of your shaft.
  3. See or mark (when using a string) where the two ends meet.
  4. If you’ve used a string, just measure the distance between the two points with a ruler

It should be noted that some men’s penises have a larger head. For them, it would be best to take measurements mid-shaft, not around the thickest area. Nonetheless, if the head of your penis is significantly larger, you should still measure it because you will know that you need to look for flare shaped condoms.

How to Measure theWidth of Your Penis

  1. Take out your calculator.
  2. Divide the girth by 3.14.
  3. The result is the width of your penis.

Note: This number may come in handy when shopping for condoms.

Final Thoughts

Congrats – you now know how to properly measure your penis! Now, just do it all over again! For the most accurate reading, these measurements need to be taken a couple of time per day for up to four days. This is because the girth and length of the penis are affected by stress, lack of sleep, level of arousal, fatigue, and other factors. You also surely want to track the progress of your before and after results of your penis enlargement exercises here, right?!


Listen to what a Girl has to say about the Topic

I find this video pretty inspiring with quite some nice thoughts… Check it out!

On a last final note, we should also assure you that regardless of the numbers that come up, you should not stress over these measurements. Researchers have found that penis length or girth is not that relevant to female satisfaction. If you’re a healthy man capable of reaching an erection, you have no reason for concern. Just focus on purchasing the perfect condoms for your needs and size. If you still want to increase your size, we would encourage you to buy one of the Bathmate products here. We have tested them and they work very well!!

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