How To Increase Penis Sensitivity

Mans Penis Sensitivity

Sometimes the penis can become numb causing a man to lose some or all the sensitivity, this can be due to a number of reasons such as low testosterone levels, health issues or an injury. The penis contains very sensitive nerve endings that cause sensations that include feelings of stimulation or touch. In this article, we look at the causes of numbness in the penis and some effective ways to help you regain sensitivity.

Symptoms of Numbness In The Penis

The symptoms of lack of sensitivity in the penis or numbness can vary greatly from one person to another. For instance, some people may get a similar feeling to that of a leg or arm falling asleep, while others feel as though blood is not circulating to that area. Some men with this problem often report feeling very little or no stimulation in their penis. Others feel nothing despite heavy stimulation. Depending on the underlying cause of the numbness, some people may also develop a tingling or burning sensation or a needle-like feeling in the penis.

Common Causes of a Numb Penis

As mentioned earlier, lack of sensitivity in the penis can be as a result of several factors. However, there are also other lifestyle factors or activities that tend to increase the risk. Some common causes of numbness in the penis include the following:

  • An injury on or around the penis
  • Riding a bike (Can injure the testicles, perineum or penis)
  • General irritation from hygiene products such as soap
  • Improper sitting for too long ( Such as sitting on padded chairs)
  • Sex or masturbation related injury such as bruising or fracture
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Nerve problems
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Irritation from rough or tight underwear

While some people believe that the removal of the penis foreskin through surgery (Circumcision) can cause numbness, studies show that it does not affect the sensitivity of the penis.

Effective Ways To Treat Numbness In the Penis

Lack of sensitivity in the penis caused by an injury often heals with the injury, but when the problem is caused by an underlying condition, it is advisable to seek treatment to deal with the numbness. Here are the top 6 effective ways to help alleviate penile numbness.

1. Changing Your Lifestyle Habits

This may include avoiding sitting on uncomfortable furniture or in certain positions that may cause numbness. You can take short breaks during the day, change chairs or adjust your sitting position. Cyclists can use a different bike seat or alter the angle of the seat to help prevent pain or numbness around their groin after riding for long distances.

2. Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

Some symptoms of numbness can be as a result of long-term medical conditions such as diabetes. Monitoring and controlling your blood sugar levels if you are diabetic can help you avoid certain medications used to treat diabetes that may cause nerve damage. In more severe cases, diabetes may cause serious nerve damage referred to as diabetic neuropathy.

3. Hormonal Treatment

People with low testosterone levels may need hormonal treatment which may involve injections, pills or patches. It is important to note that hormones should be taken with the guidance of a doctor.

4. Observe Proper Hygiene

This may seem like a no-brainer, but most men do not realize the importance of showering and carefully cleaning their penis on a daily basis. This helps to wash away dead skin cells leaving only fresh and glowing skin on the penis. Cleaning also helps to wash away harmful bacteria that may cause rashes or lesions that can toughen up the skin penis decreasing penis sensitivity.

5. Having a Healthy Diet

You can maintain penis sensitivity by eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies. These also create a rosy and glowing skin effect that is not just good for sensitivity but for the whole body. It is important to protect your penis skin with a penis health creme containing a lot of vitamins and nutrients for skin hydration and smoothness.

6. Use a Good Skin Moisturizer

For more healthy nerve endings, ensure that your penis skin is moisturized. However, not just any moisturizer can work, always go for moisturizers containing only all-natural ingredients that have been approved by dermatologists. These will help keep your skin smooth and supple. Apply the moisturizer immediately after taking a shower since this is when your skin is properly exfoliated.

Penile sensitivity matters a great deal to men as this is what makes sexual intimacy feel wonderful. The nerve endings found in the penis provide the sensation that causes sexual pleasure, hence why every man should strive to keep their penis sensitivity at its peak every single day.

Final Say

That’s our 6 recommendations for regaining some sensitivity in your precious area. There’s no reason to let it get you down, as there are plenty of safe, natural options out there that will do the trick. For some men, the problem of poor sensitivity runs deeper, and may actually be down to an underlying medical condition. If this is the case then be sure to consult with a doctor to see what your options are such as surgery or medication, either way, there are options out there for every male to help them enjoy sex again!

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