A Spot and Cervical Orgasm – How to Find Them

C, G, O, U… No, we’re not randomly listing letters of the alphabet.

These are all erogenous zones that – stimulated properly – can produce mindblowing female orgasms.

And you can add the A-spot to that list because the G-spot is old news today!

But where the hell is this A-spot, anyway?

Men, buckle up and take travel notes because we’re going on a journey towards the elusive and most mysterious spot of them all!

And since we’re in the area, let’s talk about the cervical orgasm as well!


Where Is the A-Spot?

The A-spot, or Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone, was first documented by Malaysian researcher, Dr. Chua Chee Ann. The sex scientist took it upon him to find a way to cure vaginal dryness through his… finger.

The brave doctor discovered the A-spot in 1989 when his first subject, a 48-year-old woman, started to lubricate rapidly when his index finger hit just the right spot.

And it produced multiple orgasms as well! Good job, doc!

Now that we build up your curiosity some more, let’s cut to the chase.

The A-spot is located between the cervix and the bladder, a little deeper than the G-spot.

So, if you can find the G, you will most likely find the A.

Easier said than done, we know!

But even Dr. Chua Chee Ann had to go through a lot of trial and error until he could find it, so it’s OK – as long as you have a patient partner, everything should be just fine.

How to Locate and Stimulate the A-spot

The A-spot is located beyond the G-spot, above the cervix – the tube-like structure forming the narrow lower part of the uterus.

It’s best to find the G-spot first and then make your way up.

The G-spot feels like a small piece of spongy tissue, slightly rough in terms of texture.

As the woman heats up, the tissue begins to swell, similar to the male erection caused by excessive blood flow.

Follow the front wall of the vagina, move past the G-spot, and just before you reach the cervix, you should find the A-spot.
You can use your finger to stimulate it, swiping the finger across the spot or placing the finger on the A-spot and gently pulling it down towards you.

When it comes to sexual positions, three work best for stimulating the A-spot:

  • missionary,
  • doggy style, and
  • cowgirl.

If you attempt this during missionary, place a pillow or two under her back for a better angle.

If she’s on top, have her lean back so that the penis can thrust deeper and reach past the G-spot. The loger your penis is, the easier you will find this!

Those who’ve successfully stimulated the A-spot say it can result in greater lubrication, being a great solution for women that experience vaginal dryness.

It seems that stimulating this hot spot results in instant arousal, and it also makes it easier for her to have multiple orgasms.

An A-spot orgasm is also said to last up to 20 seconds longer than the “usual” one.

But, of course, you’ve got to work on achieving that. Can’t expect the poor spot to do all the work, you know!

Tip: If you find yourself having problems with your penis not getting the spot or beeing not hard enough, make sure to do some jelqing exercises. These always help a lot!

Most Even Up to the Cervix

If you want your girl to experience what is known as a cervical orgasm, you can consider stimulating the A-spot as a prelude to going even deeper.

Moving up, you’ll feel how the spongy texture of the vagina turns into something firmer, sort of like the cartilage of the nose.

For most women, the cervix is just 3-4 inches into the vagina.

With arousal, however, the cervix moves up.

But if you can reach it, then you’ve earned the right to call yourself a deep diver.

In Taoist sexual texts, the cervix is seen as the heart point in women.

Consequently, when stimulated, it opens and is the key to the feminine queendom.

It seems that the closer to the cervix you get, the more pleasurable the orgasms.

And speaking of more, the cervical orgasm tends to come in multiples.

As opposed to the clitoris that becomes sensitive after a clitoral orgasm, the cervix is designed for the long haul.

Final Thoughts

In Taoism, there are sexual gates: the clitoris, the G-spot, and the cervix.

The last of all three gates is the cervix, a sacred heart spot that when stimulated correctly leads to a massive increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and leads to an even more explosive orgasm than the clitoral orgasm.

This is why discovering the A-spot and moving even up the vagina can be one of the best sexual experiences for both partners.

For those who wish to experiment with a new type of orgasm and form a deeper bond with their partner both physically and spiritually, our guide on finding the A-spot will surely come in handy.

However, do remember that not all women feel comfortable being penetrated this deep.

But for those who do, giving them an A-spot orgasm or a cervical orgasm can place you on the top of the list of best lovers they’ve had!

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