How to improve your Sex Life

In this section we will give you some how-to’s that will all in all help you to become a better lover, improve your libido or similar.

Each of these guides has been developed and tested in detail.

One will help you to find out how to use a technique called jelqing to have a longer and harder erection which you can also use perfectly in combination with other tools such as pills or devices to improve and speed up the progress you make.

But you will also learn how to measure yourself to keep an up to date record of what exactly is going on and what results your efforts yield.

As time passes we will add more and more guides so make sure that you check back every now and then! We have big plans for 2018!!


A Spot and Cervical Orgasm – How to Find Them C, G, O, U… No, we’re not randomly listing letters of the alphabet. These are all erogenous zones that – stimulated properly – can produce mindblowing female orgasms. And you can add the A-spot to that list because the G-spot is old news today! But where the hell is this A-spot, anyway? Men, buckle up and take travel notes because we’re going on a ...

Jelqing – Does it Work? >> NEW! Check out our Free 30 Day Training Schedule in the End! <<< Let’s start with a statement about his results with jelqing from John over at Steadyhealth who is obviously doing it wrong…. I will tell you later on why Jelqing is a technique that offers loads of benefits to men… and the women in their lives, for that matter. This ...

How to Measure your Penis Size Let’s face it – all men want to know the size of their proudest possession. They do it just for the fun of it, because they’re curious, or because they want to attach a figure to all that bragging. However, learning how to properly measure your penis comes with a few other benefits such as knowing your correct condom size or as ...


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