How To Get A Bigger Penis

How to get a bigger penis is the most frequently asked question. Having a small penis could be the biggest nightmare of a man. A small penis gives rise to a number of problems in a man’s life. Firstly, a person start losing confidence in himself. Secondly, he never gets a perfect boner during penetration. Thirdly, he fails to keep his partner satisfied in bed. Thus, a small penis is certainly the biggest problem that a man could ever go through. If you are a man with a small penis and are looking forward to making it bigger and stronger without the use of any pills, steroids, medication or surgery – here are a few tips.

Learn how to get a bigger penis naturally by working on the following tips:

  1. Penis Exercises:

Working out daily is one of the best means to improve the size of your penis naturally and effectively. The physical exercises tend to keep your body in a good shape. Moreover, there are a few exercises that you can exclusively perform in order to keep your penis healthy, thereby making it bigger and stronger.

  • Wally Wally up:

This exercise is one great means to obtain a bigger and a stronger penis. For this, you are required to take an erect position by sitting on the very edge of the chair. Hold your napkin or towel over the head of the penis. Now, increase the head of your penis and hold this position for three to five seconds.
You must perform at least five sets of this exercise with at least ten repetitions.

  • Lubrication Exercise:

This exercise is also considered as one great exercise to increase the size of your penis naturally. A number of lubricants have been availed by various companies that include various botanical extracts, antioxidants as well as vitamin complexes. These ingredients directly go into the tissues of your penis.
All you need to do is to massage your penis using these lubricants.

  • Stretches for your penis:

Hold your penis firm with one of your hands. Use the second hand to hold your hand. Once you have held your penis, start stretching your penis that should be followed by rotating it for about 30 times. Rotate your penis towards the left. Take some rest. Massage your penis for a while and then follow this process but don’t forget to rotate your penis towards right this time. Do this stretching and rotating exercise for about 30 times daily.

  • Kegel’s Exercises:

This exercise is considered to enhance the muscles of your penis, thereby providing it strength as well as increasing its size. Squeeze the muscles in your penis. Squeeze them on and off. Make the use of the same muscle in order to end it. This exercise is considered as you finish the flow of your pee. Now, begin the pee flow once gain. Begin this exercise with ten sets. Increase it to twenty or thirty per time.

  • Jelqing Exercises:

In order to perform this exercise, you need to wrap up your thumb as well as hand your finger around the base of your penis. Squeeze the penis and press down its head. As you start performing this exercise, it will increase the flow of the blood inside your penis which will help your penis to grow bigger and stronger. This exercise is one of the most effective exercises for a bigger penis.

  1. Diet Plan for bigger penis:

Apart from performing exercises, a good diet plan is more than important to attain a bigger length of your penis. As a matter of fact, the size of the penis is determined by the genes of a person. However, there are some foods that could help you in increasing the size of your penis. Include the following foods in your diet plan and see the change.

  • Pumpkin Seeds:

These seeds are rich in Vitamin E which is one of an essential nutrients for the healthy growth of the penis. The consumption of pumpkin seeds speeds up the blood flow in the penis.

  • Dark Chocolates:

Whoever claimed that dark chocolates are only good for women doesn’t know that they are equally beneficial for the men too. The flavonol in the dark chocolates helps to increase the blood flow to the penis. These chocolates also help in increasing your sexual life. The antioxidants present in the dark chocolates help to detoxify your body at their best.

  • Ginger:

One of the best foods that help to increase the size of your penis is ginger. Ginger apart from increasing the blood flow into your penis also help in burning the extra amount of fat from the region. The body gets fit and the penis becomes bigger as well as stronger.

  • Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper is also considered as one great source for the enlargement of your penis. These peppers are likely to increase the metabolism as well as the circulation of the blood inside your penis. Cayenne Peppers when consumed in the morning show remarkable results in increasing the size of your penis.

  1. Some other ways and means for how to get a bigger penis:

According to the tips and advice from the experts and specialists, following measures can also be taken in order to increase the size of your penis.

  • Vibrator:

A vibrator, when used during penetration, would certainly give you a perfect boner using which you can achieve the best ever penetration. This would help you as well as your partner to have the best intercourse ever. Bringing sex toys during sex isn’t a bad idea.

  • Regular Intercourse:

A regular intercourse is very important to keep your penis healthy and strong. The blood flow in the penis becomes faster and fairer if a man has sex on a regular basis with his partner. Thus, bidding goodbye to masturbation and having sex with your partner is a great idea to keep your penis healthy.

  • Penis Pump:

A number of penis pumps are available in the markets that claim to enhance the size of your penis. Using a penis pump is certainly a boon for the men who have gone through a prostate procedure or radiation therapy. This is one of the best means by which you can achieve a great length in your penis.

Use these tips and tricks and you will be able to achieve a bigger and a healthier penis in the shortest time period.

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