Sizegenetics Results – My Review for 2018 – 2019

For men who want to lengthen their manhood, there is Sizegenetics.

It is a medical type 1 device, and it is endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons worldwide, including top surgeons in the USA.

The method is pain-free, although some users suffer some slight skin irritation. Sizegenetics extender works with 16 adjustable straps to make sure the fit is always comfortable, enabling users to wear the device for longer periods of time.

Read on to see our review of the tool.

My Sizegenetics package and Review

My shipped product

How Does Sizegenetics Work?

The penis extender has one goal, and that is to help men add inches to their pride and joy.

Using it is like spending time at the gym to build up the Pecs and abs.

The device is ultimately a piece of training equipment for a man’s phallus.

SizeGenetics stretches the dick and helps it build greater muscle mass, thereby creating length and girth.

The stretching action of the Extender causes micro tears to be created in the tissue, and as the tears recover, cell duplication takes place as the muscle heals.

They become larger and firmer and become bigger than what they were in the first place.

The lengthening device delivers constant and steady traction to the penis and gives it a workout similar to lifting weights at the gym.

The process creates new, healthy cells that result in stronger muscle and adds mass to the muscle and length to the overall organ. It even works for micropenises.

It is a painless process with benefits other than the obvious one. In addition to doing wonders for confidence and self-esteem, a longer and stronger phallus will help with premature ejaculation issues as it allows one more control over the workings of their willy.

A healthy penis adds to overall good health and lessens the worry of bedroom satisfaction for their partners.



How does it grow my penis?

The human body has an amazing ability to grow, but sometimes it needs assistance. This provides the necessary assistance to allow the process to work and help men add inches to their penis without surgery, as well as all the effects that go along with a surgical procedure.

Traction technology has been proven to effectively lengthen stunted legs and arms. You apply the same technology to a dong when it is used exactly as instructed.

By using the 16 strap adjustment system, SizeGenetics will fit any size of penis comfortably and leave room for the phallus to lengthen. It has been on the market, including the market in the USA, and has allowed the makers of it to compile information and research to make a great product even better.

The only prerequisite you need before using SizeGenetics is the desire to increase their penis size.

You can use the device right away the day it arrives. There are no special diets or rituals to perform before use. Used on a regular basis, one will see results in about a month’s time. It is not an overnight process, but it IS effective.

What Results can be achieved with SizeGenetics?

The result when using it is a longer penis that will lead partners to greater satisfaction, and give you an added boost of confidence.

Using SizeGenetics, it is possible for men to add inches to their penis and boost their their self-esteem.

I bought the device to do a review of my before and after results which I will tell you more about in a second.

Enlargement, although effective, carries a level of risk with it, as well as a recovery time.

The results of surgery are immediate, but surgery is not always an option for everyone.

There is a hefty cost involved, and unless the enlargement surgery is for health reasons, you may not be covered fully.

SizeGenetics provides an economical option for all who want to enjoy a longer erection.

The design of SizeGenetics is with convenience and comfort in mind.

The tool can be worn under regular street clothes, and it will stay in place, as long as the straps are correctly secured.

This allows you to use the SizeGenetics Extender almost any time and for any time desired.

While doing my review, I was wearing it almost the whole day.

Being a medical device, the extender comes with a certificate to assure users it is an authentic device and is the real deal. The device also comes with the endorsement of the medical community and a lot of other medical reviews.

If the medical community is endorsing a product that is an alternative to surgery, it has to have something good going for it right?

Can I Trust Them?

SG has been on the market in the USA since 1995. It has been available for so long because men searching for an effective and comfortable way to lengthen their penis find SizeGenetics, and discover it works wonders for them physically and emotionally.

It fulfills the promise made, and word of mouth and written testimonials are always the best advertisements that you can have for a product.

You want products that work and if they do not, they will not last on the market very long.

You can order SizeGenetics in the USA and everywhere around the globe. For those in a hurry to start the improvement process, expedited shipping is available. It also comes with a 6 month money back guarantee.

Contents of the Sizegenetics package

Contents of the package

User Reviews

There are more than 5,000 satisfied customers who have used the device and found themselves with a penis that is inches longer than before they started using it.

Customers have reported adding as much as 2 or 3 inches to their dick by using the System. You can check that out here for example.

The device does not work overnight, but you will see the effects in as little as four weeks.

There are additional benefits to using the product other than phallus enlargement. The strength gained during the process will help with premature ejaculation, an occurrence that can be quite embarrassing. It can also help increase the intensity of orgasms.

If you use it for about four months on a regular basis, you will notice a larger and longer phallus.

The tool, which works like a traction system, builds muscle much like lifting weights in a gym.

As they are worked, they tear down, and during recovery they duplicate and rebuild through the healing process and become stronger and larger. The traction system does the same thing for a dick as SizeGenetics stretches the shaft each time it is used.

What Are my Results after 1 Month?

Update (Feb. 2019):

If you are going to use it, this is my advice you to: measure your penis first and take pictures. Since extenders give gradual results, you may not realize that your penis is growing unless you document its initial size. Read on to see my Sizegeneteics before and after results.

After using one for 1 month, I didn’t really see any noticeable size difference. The only thing I did notice was that the slight curvature in my p was almost completely gone. You can imagine my disappointment when I noticed that I didn’t have a massively bigger penis, especially since I had been so diligent about using the device every day. Then, I got out my tape measure to be sure. I was really astonished to see that my dick was actually a little more than .5 inches longer (it grew by 9/16”)!

When your dong is growing very gradually over an extended period of time, you won’t be able to notice any sort of difference. Since the increases happens on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t ever be able to tell that your penis is bigger without measurements – unless you have an estranged girlfriend who suddenly shows up and goes, Wow!

The measurement system is really important to keep you motivated for penis enlargement. Once I saw that .5 inch of growth, I got even more excited about using the tool and even increased the amount of time I wore the device every day so I could get more results faster.

Inside the Enhancement package

Obviously, there are some limits to how big you can stretch your dong with an extension device. It is just like bodybuilding – even if you do lifts every single day, all day long, your biceps will never be larger than your torso. Your body self-regulates growth proportionally. According to all that I’ve read about it and user results, you will need to keep on using the extension device for 6 months to get maximum results. After 6 months, you can keep on using the P extender, but you aren’t going to get results like that during the first few months.


After 5 months of using an extender, my penis grew a total of 2 3/16 inches and gained 1.5 inches in girth. That takes me up to almost 7 inches long and 5.5 inches around. I experienced the most growth during month 2, but that was also the month where I was the most devoted to using it. After month 2, I was so happy with the growth results that anything more just seemed like an unnecessary bonus. During month 5, I only gained about ¼ inch in length. I’m still going to continue for one more month, but I don’t feel like I have to anymore because I’m very happy with 7 inches.

My Before and After Advice:

My advice to anyone who wants to get a bigger penis is to just be patient. You aren’t going to get results overnight, but they do occur gradually. Just make a measurement chart and take some pictures. When you can see the results in numbers and images, then it is easy to stay motivated for the patience it takes to enlarge your penis.

Great, sign me up! What else do I get?

The Sizegenetics penis extension device also comes with the 16-way Ultimate Comfort system. Basically, these are 16 different gadgets that will assure that the device fits you comfortably.

You will also get an instructional DVD that explains exactly how to use it and how frequently to use the device.

The device will come with carrying cases as well — first, a luxury leather case that comes with a secrecy lock and key (you don’t want your partner to find out your secret, do you!?) as well as a travel case that also allows secrecy and discretion.

In addition to all of the above, you will also get Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer. This will help keep your penis supple and moisturized, therefore making it easier to use the device. On top of all this, you will also get Traction Plus Powder, which will help you use the device much more efficiently, by allowing it to grip your penis more securely and comfortably.

And if that isn’t enough, you will still get more bonuses! Penishealth: Enhancement exercise DVD as well as online access that will allow you to view 100s of videos to improve your technique. And on top of that, to assure you boost your Sizegenetics result, they will also throw in the LoveCentria and Seduction Secrets online DVDs and eBooks.

With all these bonuses and our secret discount (see below), This is a steal. Go to their homepage now, study more and make an informed choice that you won’t regret.

So Are There Any Guarantees?

There are a number of testimonials complete with before and after photographs, something not all enlargement systems are willing to do. Those who use SizeGenetics will see for themselves the product works as claimed. That is why they offer a money back guarantee, as proof that it works. There is sufficient time to test drive the system to prove it works.

The tool is available online and with priority shipping, the program can be started within days. The packaging is generic for privacy, and no one will know what is being delivered to your home or office. We have even found a special discount for you (which I will tell you more about later)!

Money Back Guarantee

They are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you happen not to like the results you get. No questions asked!

Money Back Guarantee

SizeGenetics Discount or FREE!

Did you know that SizeGenetics is not only the best, but also a very affordable penis stretcher if you know where to find good discount codes, coupons and tricks?

Well, you can now congratulate yourself, as by finding this page you have already qualified for discounts and even a completely free device by following our instructions below!

Get SizeGenetics – the best male enhancement device on the market – for 100% free, you say?

Absolutely. Here’s how it goes.

All you have to do is to get the device and send them an anonymous testimonial showing your success with it, and they’ll pay you back every single penny you paid! And why would they do that exactly?

Because THEY NEED testimonials and before/after pictures from REAL satisfied customers like you to help show others that SizeGenetics is genuinely revolutionizing the male health and extender industry right now.

Below is one sample of these testimonials (this could be you soon…):

Personal Before and After Results Picture

Two plus inches in a few weeks – only with SizeGenetics!

Obviously, they can’t and won’t keep this promotion running forever … so make the most of it while it’s available (click and use the offer now).

When they’ve got enough testimonials, they’ll stop this promotion.



What If It Won’t Work For Me?

Please remember, that you are always covered by the SizeGenetics 100% money back guarantee. With this deal, if the device works you get your money back and if it doesn’t … you still get your money back!


In addition to this, we also have a traditional Sizegenetics discount code for you to use in any case (remember that you can still claim the costs back after getting your desired results and submitting your review).

Use code:


To get $50 off when buying the system. (Valid for Device and Full system only, please note that the “starter package” is excluded from this offer).

Go to the official website by clicking here now and use this offer while it’s still valid!


Final Thoughts

Check out the guidelines. The tool is ridiculously simple to utilize, however, checking out the instructions is wise for security and health reasons.

I recommend you begin by using SizeGenetics for around an hour a day. By the time I ended up utilizing it, I was using it for approximately 5 hours a day. Plus, I was doing my regular jelqing exercises as you should be as well!

Do not anticipate substantial gains in your very first couple of months. I didn’t see anything considerable till around the 3rd month.

Do not increase the stress too much. If you are feeling restless or truly thrilled, you might end up going overboard on the stress.

If you keep seeing enhancements, then you can still utilize the SizeGenetics extender for many more months, even up to a year. I would state you ought to give it 4 or 5 months at the very least.

A lot of people state that they see enhancements after approximately a year.
If you want to, you can use it in combination with other male improvement items.

You can utilize a penis pump such as this one for example, in combination with the SizeGenetics extender if you have a little girth.

I would suggest some organic supplements to increase your testosterone levels if you suffer from ED.

Thanks for reading my Review. I hope I was able to help you.


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