Phallosan Forte Before and After Results

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Hey there, this is James. Who the hell am I? Well…

I am just a dude who has run into tons of scams in the last few years, searching for a real, trustworthy and in the end WORKING solution on how to add a few inches to my dick.

Guess what?! I have found a hell of a lot of crap (pills and all that sh**) out there until I finally found something worth my money

Don’t be me! LISTEN to me and learn from my mistakes…

Read on and I will tell you just what exact before and after results I (and few others I got to know) got from this Product.


The Phallosan Forte Package


So What is This?

Phallosan Forte is a clinicaly proven male penis enhancement device which is available in the market for people to buy which has been shown to increase penis size.- More on this below!

This product has been brought out into the market after years of scientific research, excellent track record of wonderful products created and a trust which has been laid by happy customers in the last 14 years.

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Before and after results of wearing Phallosan Forte

Studies were conducted on real people and clinical tests were carried out in order to determine if the penis length and girth actually got increased for the real people.


These tests were carried out on 24 different males in the age group of 18 to 65 years and the test was carried out for around 1-6 months.

And the Phallosan Forte Average Results were as follows:

Study of the length of the erect penis

When was the study conducted

Minimum Length of erect penis for users in terms of Inches Maximum Length of erect penis for users in terms of Inches Median Mean
Start of the study 3.42″ 6.1″ 4.72″ 4.85″
After three months 4.13″ 6.3″ 5.2″ 5.3″
After six months 4.33″ 6.5″ 5.5″ 5.6″

Study of the flaccid length of the erect penis

When was the study conducted

Minimum flaccid Length of the penis for users in terms of Inches Maximumflaccid Length of the penis for users in terms of Inches Median Mean
Start of the study 1.9″ 4.25″ 3.15″ 3.1″
After three months 2.2″ 4.73″ 3.5″ 3.4″
After six months 2.64″ 5.3″ 3.55″ 3.7″

Study of the girth of the erect penis

When was the study conducted

Minimum girth of the penis for users in terms of Inches Maximumgirth of the penis for users in terms of Inches Median Mean
Start of the study 3.75″ 5″ 4.1″ 4.2″
After three months 3.75″ 5.32″ 4.5″ 4.45″
After six months 3.82″ 5.32″ 4.5″ 4.5″

So to sum it all up:

  • On an average, the length of the erect penis for the 24 users increased by 0.45″ after 3 months of usage and 0.75″ after 6 months of usage
  • On an average, the flaccid length of the penis for the 24 users increased by 0.4″ after 3 months of usage and 0.6″ after 6 months of usage
  • On an average, the girth of the penis for the 24 users increased by 0.25″ after 3 months of usage and 0.3″ after 6 months of usage



How does the Extender work

Many people are having – just like me in the beginning – the question regarding the claims put up by the device and whether it works or not.

So how the hell does this thing work?! It looks like a freaking Astronauts glass bell… What the Hell?!

the device

To answer the questions, yes, the penis enhancer does work and although it is an astronaut looking glass bell kind of a system the desired results are achieved in a pain-free way.

The principle behind it:

When the tension is built by the device on the penis skin, the fascia of it gets stretched which causes micro-tears on the penis – Pain free?! Yea, read on!

To get those tears repaired, the body lays down new tissues, helping it to grow. This is the exact same principle that bodybuilders use to grow their muscles

And along with this collagen, the body also sends out blood cells which help improve the quality of erection and the hardness of it. Hard like steel!Phallosan Forte Before and After Results



How do you use it now?

That one is really easy.

  1. Put on the protective sleeve condom
  2. Insert your beloved penis into the Device itself
  3. Roll down the rubber condom over your penis
  4. Apply some pressure (according to your training schedule)
  5. Fix the whole thing up with the fancy strap so noone can see your little workout!

And since we all love to watch some other dude put his dong into some fancy toy and pump away on it you can also watch the same thing in the video below:

Why is this penis enhancer better than other products available in the market?

Phallosan Forte is better than other penis enhancers due to three main reasons:

  1. The device is extremely simple and can be easily understood
  2. The device is so comfortable, that this enhancer can be worn for several hours without feeling any discomfort.
  3. They set it up so that you can even wear it during the day beneath your pants unlike other devices like this one

True, that other penis enhancers might be better in terms of cost or some other factors, but when it comes to penis enhancer, nothing works better than the number of hours spent wearing it. Especially if you combine it with jelqing!

And hence, when it comes to the best penis enhancer, the scales definitely tip in favour of Phallosan Forte.




The best part about the product is, it has an excellent design and quite an intelligent one…

It provides one of the most comfortable experiences, and not just helps in penis enlargement in terms of length, but also helps increase the girth of the penis.

That makes sex all the more pleasurable, helps correct the curved penis which happens in case of Peyronie’s Disease or IPP, helps better the orgasm strength, betters the erection quality and also helps in some cases to cure erectile dysfunction.

And this device is so comfortable, thanks to its intelligent design that people are known to wear this for more than twelve hours without experiencing any pain at all. And probably this is the exact reason why this device is considered such a great product amongst all the other “so called” available penis enlargement devices. Believe me – I had some horrible experiences with those…

Where to buy Phallosan Forte

Last but not least at all the question where you should / could buy the device?

My honest answer to that is PLEASE beware of scams! That is the only way to ensure that you get the before and after results that you see reported here!

Only buy from the manufacturer themselfes over here! They will give you the best price guaranteed, a full money back guarantee and have an excelent customer support!



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