How Does A Penis Pump Work?

There are two different types of penis pump – a basic air penis pump, and a hydro pump which uses the power of water to enlarge the penis. Both are relatively simple devices designed to create a vacuum around the penis. This encourages blood flow and increases capacity of the penis by expanding the erectile tissue (leading to longer lasting, harder erections).

So how does a penis pump work? The following are the two main types of pump:

The basic air pump

picA basic pump usually consists of an airtight cylinder, a tube that leads to a bulb that you pump to increase suction, and a release valve that decreases pressure. To use one you take the cylinder and add some lube around the edge – this helps to keep the seal tight against your body. Position the cylinder over your penis when semi erect making sure the lip is firmly pressed against your body. Start with an initial pump – once you’ve got a good seal just squeeze and release the bulb. The suction happens when you release the bulb, not when you squeeze it.

Be very careful to release the bulb gently as too much vacuum pressure can cause pain or discomfort. Pump slowly and gently and continue until you’ve achieved a full, firm erection. When you’re finished, slowly press the release valve. When you remove your penis from the cylinder it will go back to normal size. By using the pump for around 15 minutes daily (but no longer) you will eventually achieve more long term results and a significant increase to girth and small increase to the length of the penis.

There are also some crazy guys which build their own penis pump at home, but we would highly encourage you not to do that!

The Hydro Pump

db_file_img_48_200xautoAlthough not so cheap, the hydro pump is the pump of choice for many men as it is generally considered to be safer, easier to use, and more effective than the conventional air based pump. This water pump can be used in the bath or shower. You fill the pump with water, insert your penis, and pull the pump against your body to create a tight seal. Then you just pump to create suction and expel water – as you pump the suction increases, pulling your penis into the pump.

When you are finished your session you compress the valve at the top of the pump to release the pressure. Your penis will be bigger, harder and filled with blood. Similar to the air pump, if you choose to use the hydro pump you should use it for approximately 15 minutes every day for best results.

The following is a video demonstrating how the Bathmate hydro pump (the most popular brand of water pump) works:


Don’t worry if all this seems complicated – it’s not, even though it may take a few days to get used to using the pump properly. Always follow the instructions that come with the device carefully as it is possible to cause damage to your penis if you create too much vacuum pressure.

Although you will notice that after pumping the size of your penis will go back to normal over the coming hour, repeated use of the pump over a number of months will help to increase the size of your manhood long term. On average men experience a size gain of 1-3 inches in length and 30% increase in thickness when using this device.

Remember pumps vary in size so if you are buying make sure you check your own measurements against the measurements of the pump to make sure you get a perfect fit! For more information on how to choose the right pump see our buyers guide (coming soon).


Penis Extenders

Besides penis pumps there are also other devices call penis extenders. The one we liked to most during our testing was the Phallosan System, followed directly by the cheaper Sizegenetics Extender. Make sure to check those two out as well!

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