Homemade Penis Pump (How To Build Your Very Own)

homemade penis pump DIY

WARNING!! Read whole article to avoid physical injuries!! WARNING!!

It is every man’s wish to have a bigger penis size.

Let’s face it, most of us men will often have self-esteem issues.

This is because having a big penis size will definitely improve your sex life. Who does not want to be the best they can in the bedroom, right?

For that reason, many men who have smaller penises will go to extremes so that they can increase both the girth, and length of their penis.

The penis pump is believed to be effective, if used correctly, in increasing the size of your little friend down there. Nowadays there are many people who use or want to know about homemade penis pumps. We shall look at how they are made and if they really are the best option that you have.

How to make a homemade penis pump

Homemade pumps are cheaper than buying already made penis pumps by various companies, that is true. It involves using readily available home items to make the pump. One will need to use them to create a vacuum where one’s penis is inserted and pressure is introduced to the penis, causing more blood flow to the expanded blood vessels.

There are many suggestions out there on how someone can make a homemade penis pump. One will first need to create a cylinder. This is mostly done using an empty plastic bottle whose base is cut off. Normally, cotton pads are taped around the remaining part of the bottle to prevent it from inflicting cuts on the skin.

This is only one of the risks involved with using homemade pumps. 

Thereafter, the bottle top is removed and a vacuum hose is attached to the hole. The vacuum hose is supposed to fit well into the hole, if not, there will not be enough suction power when one tries pumping.

We strongly recommend against building such a device. If you still want to build one after reading this whole post by me, you can refer to some forum posts like this one for example where users tell you how they build one.

Here is also a video of someone making one on youtube…. Honestly! I would not put my dick in one of those…

Disclaimer: We as the owners of Pumpitbig.com insist on pointing out the risks of building such a device, and strongly advise against it! If you still decide to build one, all risks lie entirely with you!

The part with the vacuum cleaner really gives me goosebumps… Again… I would not recommend building such a thing, but since you are directly searching for it…

The biggest issue with using a vacuum cleaner for the suction clearly is the problem of dosage of the vacuum!


The best Pump

THIS is what a pump should look like…

How homemade penis pumps work

When one has finished creating a pump, they will place a semi-flaccid penis into the cylindrical part of the penis pump. The vacuum hose is then turned on so that there is suction at the penis.

With that, more blood will be transported to the blood vessels, thus filling them up. It is said that if done repeatedly, you will be able to increase the size of your penis.

Are homemade penis pumps dangerous?

Yes. – Just Yes.
They are dangerous, and there are tons of possible injuries likely to occur. To begin with, the cut bottle can easily cause a cut on your groin area.


The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body. Imagine getting a cut there, it would hurt so badly! A cut can result from not covering the cut bottle with enough cotton pads. Never ever try to use a glass bottle for that!

To add to that, these pumps do not have any safety measures. Anything can go wrong, for instance, if the vacuum hose applies too much suction, it can cause serious damage to the skin or cause bleeding. This is putting your penis at risk and can lead to lifelong problems.

Making homemade penis pumps is quite involving. There is the possibility of making mistakes when putting the items together given one does this without any previous skills.

I still emphasize the fact that the penis is a very sensitive body part. If anything is wrong with how you put the pump together, you might embarrassingly end up in the emergency room.

What is the best option?

Knowing the risks involved with making a homemade pump, you should instead, buy a product from a company which specializes in making penis pumps.

As much as you would like to save on costs, it is better to put money into a quality product than put your health and penis at risk. Penis pumps by companies such as the Bathmate Hydromax are safer. They are usually checked by the manufacturer to ensure that they have been assembled in the right way and reduce the chances of them causing any injury.

In addition, it is better to invest in manufactured products as they are designed to allow the user to adjust the pressure to exactly where they are comfortable, thus bringing safe and permanent results.

Most of them also include a valve that allows one to immediately release built up pressure in case they want to. These two features are great safety measures that will ensure you do not end up hurting your penis.

So Yes? No?

To sum it up, as much as homemade penis pumps are the cheaper option, they are VERY risky. Are you willing to sacrifice your manhood while you attempt to make it larger in the wrong way? I don’t think so. For that reason, you are better off choosing a penis pump product which has been tested and used successfully.

Another option to check out

Another option, actually the best one we see right now is the Phallosan Forte System. Make sure to check it out by clicking the picture below:

Phallosan Forte System

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