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My New Hydromax

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Where to Buy – And Why!

Ordering a Bathmate Hydromax is not much different to anything else online to be honest…

BUT! There are way less reputable sellers than you might think. I have checked a number of other seller websites before getting one from these guys.

So why did I choose to order from them only?

  • They are the original manufacturer of the Product60 Days Money Back
  • They have the best price arround
  • Free Shipping worldwide
  • 100% Money Back if you don’t like the product
  • I wrote them an E-Mail up front asking some of the Questions in the FAQ-Section and they answered within 16 hours
  • I went through some forums online and all the buyers there told me they got it from there
  • Prices starting at $110.00

So to make sure you get the best deal and you don’t get scammed use the Button below!




Penis enlargement User Testimonial

Just one of many testimonials online

Which Size should YOU get

Especially with the Bathmate Hydromax Products it is really easy to get confused…Hydropump Size Guide

They have multiple different products for all kinds of sizes. I have written about all of them in my Hydromax Bathmate Review if you want to check it out!

To give you an overview I have added a picture to the right which will give you a hint which size is the right one for you.

Note: If you are not completely sure as to how to measure your penis size, make sure to check out our guide here.

This will only give you an idea which one to choose. If you want to get a professional answer you can go to the manufacturers website.

They have a size generator (click below) there where you just add your sizes and then I calculates the perfect fit for you!


Size Calculator


Don't get Scammed!

Again… I strongly advice you to order only from the Manufacturer directly for the reasons above. Especially since we are dealing with a medium to high priced product!

However I have found that some people still search for a “better deal”… Well okay, you can at least try but don’t blame me afterwards!!

As I already covered in another post there are a lot of factors you should focus on to not get scammed if you really want to buy from some third party seller. Let me just sum them up quickly so you get an overview.

  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Accept Paypal and are a Trusted Seller
  • Postal Address of the Seller – Also verify it on Google Maps!
  • Phone Number Available – Try to call it!
  • Send an E-Mail to the listed Customer Support E-Mail asking some question – to verify that they actually answer!
  • Free Shipping to your place – Some Sellers try to trick you by charging heavily for shipping!
  • Shipping in an unmarked package

As you can see there are quite some things you need to keep an eye on…

And even if you check them all it can still happen that you get scammed… If I were you, I wouldn’t risk anything and rather order it for the cheapest guys right here!

Perfect Accessories for your new pump

The business offers a great deal of products that could be utilized to boost the fundamental Hydromax Bathmate designs.

They cost in between $10.00- $49.99 each. But which one is really worth it?

  • Case & Additional Pads – Good if you travel a lot. The pads last quite long but I have already used multipled ones
  • Gauging Scale – Well… You can skip that and get one at your local craft store…
  • Lube & Cleansing Package with Brush – I like the lube since it is smelling nice… But you can skip that!
  • Shower Band & 3 Rings – Quite handy since it allows you to work out hands-free and do other stuff!

Note: Yeah you can skip most of them. I would get the case and the shower band as a minimum!

Easy Instructional Tutorial on how to use the pump

As you can see it is ass-easy!

Just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure from the start as it will get unconfortable!




Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions I have got from you guys and asked them directly:

#1: Can I utilize Bathmate Hydromax without water?

Yes, this pump could be made use of also without water. Nonetheless, it is made to be used with water guys… I have written an article about why water pumps are better. Go check that out!

It was just not designed to be used without water. This is why we advice using it with water.

Note: There is one version – Hydromax Xtreme – that includes a ball pump making the production of an air suction easy. Perfect for the maximum penis enlargement.

#2: Is there a time frame for how long I can pump daily?

Yes, there are restrictions to your pumping sessions- particularly if you are a newbie. To not get harmed, adhere to these basic policies for ideal outcomes:

  • Pump no longer than 15-20 mins each session
  • Utilize it 5 days every week with 2 times off
  • Take around 24-hours time out in between each pumping sessions (cool down period)

You must not exaggerate your sessions as your body requires sufficient time to restore and also expand your penile cells. If you do not take adequate resting time, you will certainly see no improvements.

#3: Help! How the hell can I keep my balls from getting sucked right into its tube when pumping?

This is a typical trouble amongst novices that are trying out this pump. Fortunately, there are a number of points you could do to avoid this from occurring:

  • Stretch your scrotum so your balls will hang below the gaiter
  • Try the pumping sleeves ($ 14.99) to avoid the suction of your balls entirely

Note: You never ever wish to place your balls in the pump during penis enlargement. This could create some major discomfort and also health and wellness problems. Just DON’T do it!

#4: Will the Bathmate Hercules benefit me also if I have 5 inches or much less?

Sure… As I said above, there are numerous different models. I would try the smallest which is X20 as a starter.

If everything goes well you will need to order a bigger one after!

#5: What lube can I make use of with this pump?

Originally this pump was designed to be used without any lube at all. However, there are some people that prefere to use it since it gives a better sealing and feels a bit better.

If you want to, you can use it with any kind of lube! I will soon also do a review of how to find the best lube, so make sure to check back soon!

#6: Does it hurt to use the Bathmate / Hydromax?

No, you should not really feel any type of discomfort when utilizing this pump if you stick to the rules and don’t apply too much suction. And you have to have enough rest!

Sure, if you didn’t listen to me and got your pump from some scammer, that is another question…

Note: If you experience any kind of discomfort or an unpleasant stress, you have quit your session right away!

#7: How should I clean up the Bathmate? Does it require unique treatment?

Cleansing your pump is an extremely simple procedure. All you need to do is load your sink with water. After that you have to place your pump inside (see to it the entire tool is covered with water).

After that allow it to rest for around 20 mins, wash your pump with warm water, and also completely dry it with a tidy towel. Nothing else is required.

#8: My Bathmate Hydromax X30 is dripping air via the shutoff! Is it damaged?

If your gadget is dripping any type of air or water via the top shutoff, you could have a faulty item or a stuck duct. It could be dealt with by positioning the Bathmate on a table (any kind of level surface area will certainly be sufficient).

After that you should pump all air out up until it adheres to it. If this does not repair your problem, you could have a damaged item. Please contact support, they will gladly help you!

#9: So how about delivering? Is it very discreet and also globally?

Thankfully, the officialΒ  ships this item worldwide. The packing they are utilizing is extremely discreet, as well as absolutely nothing shows its material.

All items will be delivered in only 2 work days but your shipment time will rely on your area. Check out their official website below where you can look that up for your exact location!




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  1. Hey I Live in Bangladesh… where can i find this product… I search your website but there is no currency of bangladesh so how can i order this… and how much it will cost in bangladeshi price….

    • Hi Sohel, you can just order it using any of the links on our website. It will change to the right currency once you go to the payment details πŸ™‚

  2. I work in the cruise ship how can i get batbmate, ? Its available in rostock/helsinki or talin ?

    • Hi Radief, I guess you could order it somewhere where you will be taking a break and just pick it up there! Hope this helped

    • Hi Ahmed! You can simply order the product you want to buy through any of the links on my site and choose your home country and your address. The provide worldwide shipping πŸ™‚ Let me know if you need more info!

    • It should work fine for that age range as far as we know! IF you don’t get the results you want to see, you can send it back within 60 days of the purchase and you will get all your money back, so there is nothing to lose for you πŸ™‚
      That 60 day money back guarantee is only valid if you buy it via their official homepage! You can find the link anywhere on this site πŸ™‚

    • Hi! That really depends on where you live. The fastest way is to order through any of our links, just enter the address you live at and it will tell you how long it will take for you to get your pump πŸ™‚
      If you use our links you can also rest assured that you will have a 60 Day money back guarantee if you don’t like the product (which won’t happen of course πŸ˜‰ )
      Let me know if you have any more questions!