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My Name is James (not… duh!) and I am the Author and Owner of PIB!

What is my background?

Well I am just the usual dude from next door. I have been suffering from a small penis since my early adulthood, searching desperately for a solution other than lying under the knive.

Trust me… I have really tried some sh** already in the past, freaking scams left and right…
The hardest part was to find good and reliable info on the web – pain in the ass, let me tell you!

How did I get to reviewing best Budget Penis Pumps

My very first review was the Bathmate X30. I found that product by coincident and up to now I am freaking thankful for that…

And that was the time I decided to test some products and write about my experience.

What Products did I test so far

I will try to keep the table below up to date. I have tested a lot of the products already and I am just compliling the pages right now, so make sure to check back in soon!

Product NameBathmate HydromaxSizeGeneticsPhallosan Forte
Review PageMy Results with it
Buy It
My Sizegenetics TestMy Phallosan Forte Test

Other Products I tried

There is a List of other Products I have tried and written about. Make sure to check those out as well!

What else is there to find on this Website?

I have read quite some info and books about the whole topic in general and tried to condense it down to what really matters. Some of them are listed below, a list that I will also try to keep updated, so check back!!

Does Penis Size really matter?

Well this is one of the questions you see are searched the most on google actually…

Check out this video which goes in more depth into the topic. Cought myself laughing quite a lot with that balloon!

Feedback welcome?

Sure man!! Make sure to drop me an E-Mail or put a comment on any of my pages!!

Talk soon,


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